Gravity Fitness is a fitness class developed by personal trainer, Gabriel Ribeiro. After years of successfully training clients using his health and fitness regime G-ABS, Gabriel created Gravity Fitness to help build agility training, strengthening and movement into the training regime of his clients. Gravity Fitness has the vision of evolving clients, no matter what level of fitness they are at, into mobile and functional beings able to carry themselves with great posture, free of injuries and able to perform body weight tasks.

Gabriel Gravity Fitness

Gabriel Ribeiro- founder of G-ABS and Gravity Fitness

Gabriel has been working as a personal trainer since 2003, succeeding in motivating and reaching client goals including weight loss, hip-replacement recovery, developing muscle mass, post-baby recovery, marathon and triathlon races, and qualifying for martial arts championships.  Gabriel is always excited about client goals and helping people reach their targets.

G-ABS is a health and fitness training concept developed by Gabriel.  The G-ABS programme is a holistic approach towards health and fitness. It focuses on sustainable healthy habits in combination with weight training, gravity-based exercises, to increase functionality in daily life. G-ABS improves body composition, joint stability, agility and muscle development.

Gabriel and Julian

Success after Boxing session

Over the past 10 years, Gabriel has been developing his G-ABS training programmes with significant success, combining nutritional programmes and personalised workouts to help each client reach their goal. Gabriel is a unique trainer, who has changed the lives and bodies of hundreds of clients. Even those who don’t like training, or who think they are too unfit to start, will enjoy training with Gabriel.

‘No matter how many negatives, excuses or fob-offs you throw at Gabriel, he deflects them with his big grin , his effusive energy and his drive to make you the best you can possibly be. He worked wonders on me, my protraction and unreliability to mould me into a marathon runner. His creative programs, his enthusiasm and his humour is critical to getting you there. He seriously knows how to make it fun. He’s the best !’

Amanda Millar