Gravity Fitness is a functional, full body workout class based on body weight training vs. gravity. Build your strength, flexibility and agility in a team environment, using Calisthenic style training, capoeira, yoga and plyometric training. This is the next level in ‘bootcamp’ style training that will accelerate your fitness faster than regular boot camps or other forms of group fitness classes.


Seasonal classes to respond to your body

The classes progress through a seasonal cycle to respond to climatic changes that the body experiences. For example, in Winter we tend to move less, therefore the heart-rate doesn’t fluctuate much. In response to this, Gravity Fitness classes in Winter are more focused on the slow twitch muscle fibers with high repetition exercises, low resistance and not much rest to work on endurance and agility.  This helps the body function in Winter.

Class sizes

Classes are run in small groups with a maximum of 15 people.  Every class is different, so you will never get bored.





Gravity Fitness: Timetable

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
6.30-7.30 am Island Bay School Hall (indoors) Island Bay School Hall (indoors)
12pm-1pm Miramar Park (outdoors) Kilbirnie Park (outdoors)


$25 Casual

$200 for a ten-trip ticket

$170 for 4 weeks unlimited Gravity Fitness classes


Maps for Class Locations